Tuesday, March 9, 2010

History of Lashari Baloch tribe

Lashari or Lasharie (Urdu: لاشاری) is a name of Baloch tribe in Balouchistan and Sindhh reigions of our country (Pakistan) .

Lasharis have also migrated and settled in many countries of the world specially in south asia & other places of the world. A distinction needs to be made between the Baloch and the Balochi people;

In approximately 1500 a great Balouch Kingdom was formed under Sardar Mir Chakar Rind's rule which however was later destroyed owing to a civil war between two brothers or tribes the Lashari and Rind ,

Sardar Mir Guhram Khan Lashari and Sardar Mir Chakar Khan Rind were two brave leaders of their tribes during the Balouch civil war.

After this war, the Lashari and rind tribe settled mostly in Sindh, Punjab and North West Frontier Province. Dera Ismail Khan in the NWFP andDera Ghazi Khan . Also in [Thal Desert]] etc. Specially in Distt. Ghotki in Sindh province and Distt. Jackobabad, Our Chief Sardar Mr. Dhani Bux Lashari is now living at Jackobabad, at Sibi .

According to old books of history that Lashari tribe migrated with the Jilani Syeds from Iraq to Sindh & Balochistan. The Lasharis were named as Nangrejoo by the Jailani Syeds. Nangrejoo tribe is influentiaa in interior Sindh.

Another Lashari tribe with many clans, which ll be mention later, . These tribes have inter married as well as with other Balouch tribes. Their extended families are settled in areas of Neengranawala in Faisalabadcity & District and areas of Waaan Bhachran and Pai Khel, Mianwali District.